Prepaid Phone Cards – A Partner In Tough Times

If you have friends and family who live far, long distance calls cannot be slashed out from your budget plan. But because of tough economic times, consumers need to find ways to save money without cutting the lines of communications.

The good news is that prepaid calling cards are now available in the market. These latest products in telecommunications give consumers the flexibility to purchase call cards that fit their budget. Prepaid phone cards can be used to make domestic and international calls. In this article, let’s discuss the benefits of these telecommunications product.

Enjoy lower call rates with prepaid phone cards.

Calls made from prepaid cellular phones are generally much cheaper compared to calls from landline phones. Many wireless carriers offer a low per minute rate on long distance calls especially during off peak hours. Best of all, you can choose a prepaid card denomination that’s easy on the wallet. If you only need a few minutes of call, you can purchase the lowest denomination available.

Get connected anywhere, anytime.

Prepaid phone cards can be purchased from any telecommunications booth at malls, book stores, or wireless service carrier offices. There different types of call cards to choose from. Some prepaid call cards can be loaded into mobile phones or can be used to make paid calls from landlines.

Wherever and whenever you need to call long distance, all you have to do is reload your call card from your mobile phone unit to get in touch with a friend or loved one. From a landline phone, all you need to do is dial the PIN code found on the call card and follow the voice prompt for instructions on calling long distance.

Reload your prepaid account through online banking.

Wireless carriers give their customers the option to reload their account using funds from their savings account through online banking. If you have a credit card, you may use it to reload your wireless phone from the nearest ATM.

Avoid unnecessary calls and limit your spending.

It is easy to just dial a number from a landline and prolong the call for as long as you enjoy the conversation. Before you know it, you already spent thirty minutes on the phone without noticing the time. When your phone bill arrives, that’s when you realize that you have gone over your intended budget on long distance calls.

By using a prepaid call card, it is easier to set limits on your talk time and the frequency of calls. You can choose to call only if you have an important business to discuss. Or you can limit your calls to ten minutes at the most or up until your call card runs out.

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