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The Benefits of Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Join the growing number of Americans who are fed up with high happy woman with cell phonecell phone bills and long drawn out contracts! Many people are taking control of their finances by just saying NO to out of control cell phone bills.

Pre-paid cell phone plans are becoming more and more popular. With prepaid cell phone service you know what you are being charged with every month. There is no opportunity to go over your minutes since you get a set amount of minutes with your plan.

Verizon Wireless, Sprint & T-Mobile Join The Pre-paid Cell Phone Service Revolution!

A few years ago, when you talked about pre-paid cell phone plans, you weren’t dealing with the big services like Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile.   It was usually some small network with spotty service that you were lucky to have clear service if you left your home area!

Now the big 3 have joined the prepaid revolution and you can now enjoy being on their network without the long contract!

But aren’t those prepaid plans more expensive?

Not with us!

We have partnered with a bulk buying service – if you are familiar with companies like Costco and Sams Club, you know the VALUE of buying thru a bulk buying service!

This service is allowing our readers to access Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile cell phone service at their SUPER LOW rates.  Their pricing is generally MUCH lower then what is being offered when you walk into Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile store!

So how does it work?

Lets use my sister as an example.  As a real estate agent she is constantly on the phone and uses a LOT of data on both her phone and ipad.  Her family plan was $170 a month thru Verizon which included 10 GB of data.  And yes, every month she was close to going over data. Or worse she would realize she was out of data with a few days left in the month. So she would have to cough up more money to buy additional data.

What did we do?

We got her a family plan with VERIZON, yes, same carrier for $135 a month with 12 GB of data!

So basically we saved her $35 a month.  Over a year we are saving her $420.  

So what is better than getting great cell phone service at a great price!
Getting that service for free!

refer a friendAt no additional cost to you, share with 5 of your friends that you are getting discounted cell phone service. Send them your referral link that you get when you sign up for service,  and your monthly cell phone bill becomes FREE!

How do you get started?

Fill out the form below and one of our customer service reps will call you!  That simple!


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