How to Buy Second Hand Cell Phone Units Online

You want to shift to a prepaid cell phone plan. After all you have been fully convinced of the things you read and heard about prepaid cell phone service. And you want to benefit from the unique features that prepaid cell phone plans offer.

You can always buy second hand phones that will carry prepaid plans that you want to benefit from. Still, you need to be careful in choosing and buying used phones, especially when you plan to buy it online. This way you can prevent getting ripped off by unscrupulous merchants that sell defective cell phones. Below we have enumerated some tips that you can use in securing second hand cell phone units online.

Tips on Buying Used Phones Online

1.Make sure that you don’t buy stolen items. Before you buy a used phone, check the records of the phone. Review the receipt of the phone and validate whether the name of the seller matches that name of the buyer in the receipt. This way you can be assured of buying only legitimate items and not the stolen ones.

You may also investigate on the background and license of the online cell phone shop. Conduct researches on the service level and products of an online shop. Ask for customer reviews and testimonials. Contact the shop and ask for an assurance that they do not sell stolen phones.

This way you can be assured of purchasing phones that have proper documents and not the stolen ones.

2.Research on the features of the model you plan to buy. Perform a thorough research on the features and specifications of the phone model you want. This will serve as your guide in selecting and buying a used phone that will meet your expectations and needs.

3.Ask to hold the unit first before buying it. Remember that you are buying a second hand phone to take advantage of the features of a prepaid cell phone service. If you will buy a phone that will not be durable enough, for sure your money will just go to waste. So never rely on the pictures and descriptions provided online. Rather schedule a meet up with your prospective seller. This will give you the opportunity to inspect the phone being sold. What are some things that you need to check?

  • Phone Casings. Check for scratches and dents. And see if the physical condition of the cell phone cover still allows you to recognize the phone model.
  • Keypad. Check whether all the keys work. And see whether there are missing or faded keys. If you see some, better look out for other sellers.
  • Screen. View if the screen is still in good condition or if it has defective pixels or lines.
  • Battery. Inspect whether the battery is still performing well. If not, you may ask the seller to provide you newer phone batteries or negotiate a lower price.
  • Other features. For more contemporary phone models, check on the following components: software, stylus, slide or hinge mechanism, touch-screen, headphone jack and speakers, and card slots. Inspect the condition of each of these components for you to get assured that the phone you will be buying will be worth the asking price of the seller.

4.Ask for at least a one-week warranty from the cell phone seller. Ask your seller for at least a short-term warranty. This way, should the used phone fail to live up to your expectations, you can still ask for a refund. And you can still buy another second-hand phone from a new online shop.

By employing these steps, you can surely find a second hand phone that you can use to benefit from prepaid cell phone services.

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