Understanding Prepaid Cell Phone Service Plans

Prepaid phones or pay-as-you phone plans are increasingly becoming popular these days as consumers try to find ways to save their budget.  But are all prepaid cell phone services really as good as they promise to be?  How can you find a prepaid cell phone service that’s best for you?

Below are some points to remember when comparing different prepaid cell phone plans:

Know your personal needs. All of us have different needs and purposes when it comes to using cell phones.  Before shopping around for cell phone deals, you need to know your priorities.  For instance, will you use your phone mostly for texting?  Will you need to make out-of-the country calls on a regular basis?  Do you need a roaming service?  Is there a particular cell phone unit that you prefer to use?  Jot down your priorities and use this list when evaluating plans.          

Use online comparison tools. You can find websites that not only offer reviews but also a comparison tool that you can use to match up different prepaid cell phone services side-by-side.  This way, you can immediately see the pros and cons that each cell phone carrier offers.

Pay attention to the fees. True enough, using a prepaid cell phone plan can enable you to save money as long as you know how to control your usage.  Nevertheless, when managed incorrectly, using a prepaid plan can prove to be a lot more expensive.

For example, if you spend a lot of time on calls on a daily basis, you may be better off with a post paid plan.  Keep in mind that prepaid phone plans are charge by the minute so when you ran out of call time, you will need to buy a new call card to reload your account.

Check out the phone units. If you are going to purchase a prepaid phone kit that comes with a handset, see to it that you know what you’ll be given.  One thing you can do is to visit a wireless phone center or store where varying handsets are displayed.  This way, you’ll get a better idea about the type of prepaid phone unit you will get.

Check the features included. Unlike a post paid plan, certain features may not be provided by your prepaid cell phone service provider.  You may need to send a request to your carrier before you can enjoy special phone functions such as call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, etc.  Take note that subscribing to each of these features will cost you an additional payment.

Wireless Internet Capability. Do you need to use your mobile phone to surf the internet?  If you do, be sure that the type of handset you will be provided is capable of connecting to the internet.  Also, check with your carrier how much you will pay on per minute surfing.

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