What are the Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cell Phone Services?

Phone carriers zealously promote their prepaid cell phone services. They compete with one another to get the greatest number of mobile phone subscribers. And to achieve this goal, they promote low call rates, sleek cell phone models and amazing features.

But aside from the common things we see in phone advertisements, what are the real advantages of using a prepaid cell phone service? Does this service also have drawbacks? To answer these questions let us find out the pros and cons of prepaid cell phone services.

Benefits of Prepaid Cell Phone Services

1.Lack of Contract. The main advantage of a prepaid cell phone service is the absence of a contract. You are not tied to any company or monthly rate. Thus, you can spend as little or as much as your budget allows. This is especially beneficial if you rarely use your phone. It is because you don’t have to pay a fixed amount on a service that will only go to waste.

2.It is easy to get approved for this service. Companies do not perform credit check on their applicants for prepaid cell phone services. They also don’t require their applicants to provide an initial deposit to open an account. So, anybody can apply and get approved for this program.

3.Recommended for Parents and Children. Prepaid cell phone services are great options for parents who want their children to have mobile phones. This is because they can easily control how much their children spend on their phones.

Drawbacks of Prepaid Cell Phones Services

Now let us look at the cons of using prepaid phone plans.

1.Limited Selection on Cell Phone Models. Not all phone models work with prepaid phone plans. Thus you have a limited choice when it comes to the mobile phone you can use.

2.They are more expensive. The call cost is relatively more expensive in prepaid cell phone services as compared to monthly phone contracts. This is because the cost per minute in a prepaid plan is usually 2-3 times higher than contract plans.

3.Possibility of running out of minutes. There is a great possibility that you will run out of minutes when you use a prepaid cell phone service. Unless you are organized and mindful of your phone credit, you may run out of airtime and stop enjoying your call and text service. So if you want to avoid interruptions in your phone activities, you need to keep track of your mobile phone balances.

We hope that this short article helped you understand the pros and cons of using prepaid cell phone services. This way, you can decide whether or not you should take this mobile phone plan.

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