Should You Get A Prepaid Cell Phone Plan?

Prepaid cell phones are becoming more and more popular.  They are not just for people with bad credit anymore!   Prepaid cell phones are for anyone sick of being stuck in long contracts, or whose current cell phone company is charging them more just because they have a low credit score. There are a lot of advantages to switching to a prepaid cell phone plan, but there are also some disadvantages.  I’ll try to cover the major points in this article

Advantages of Prepaid Cell Phones

Pay only for your call/text usage. A common complaint with post paid phone plans is that subscribers find additional charges on their bill for calls they never made.  With a prepaid phone, there’s no need to worry about incurring extra charges, missing your due date of payment, or paying late penalty fees.

Easy to acquire. There’s no need to fill out application forms or sign up for the 1 year contract to get approved.   If you want to have your own prepaid cell phone, all you have to do is visit your chosen carrier and make a purchase.

Put a limit over your spending. It is easier to exercise control over your call expenses using a prepaid cell phone.   You can only reload a limited amount of credit that you can use for the whole week or the whole month.  With a post paid plan, you can always make a call at anytime or make your calls a little bit longer than necessary, racking up your bills for the month.

Disadvantages of Prepaid Cell Phones

Now that we have discussed the advantages of owning a prepaid cell phone, let’s tackle the disadvantages that you should consider as well.  Remember, if you need to make frequent calls from your cell phone every day, then you may be able to save more with a post paid plan.  Prepaid phones are great for those who only make phone calls occasionally.
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You always have to reload new credit. Once you’ve used up all your available credit, you will need to buy a new prepaid card or transfer funds to your cell phone to be able to use it for new calls or texts.

You can’t use a prepaid phone to build credit history. Cell phone companies do not provide credit reporting for their prepaid plan subscribers.  If you want to build up your credit history, then what you need is a post paid cell phone service.

The cost per call is higher than a post paid plan phone. Since prepaid cell phones charge calls by the second, not by the minute, you could end up paying for more if you make longer calls frequently.  If you need a longer airtime, then a post paid plan may be a better choice for you.

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