How to Save Money from Your Prepaid Cell Phone

If you want to cut back from your personal costs, why not consider switching from cell phone line to a prepaid cell phone plan?  Yes, using a prepaid cell phone can actually give you significant savings.  How?  Here are practical tips on how you can save money using a prepaid phone.

Choose a prepaid cell phone service that matches your needs. Different carriers offer varying packages for prepaid cell phone service.  Find one that best complements your lifestyle.  Read online reviews so you can have better idea on which carriers provide the best service.  Compare not only the rates per call or text messaging but the quality of coverage as well.

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Limit unnecessary calls. Most wireless carriers provide a few hours or minutes of calls each month that you can use for free.  However, once you’ve used it up, you will need to purchase more credit to be able to use your cell phone for new calls. Use this limit to your advantage.  Call only for important reasons and utilize your call minutes wisely.

Choose a combo package. If each one in your family needs a cellular phone, consider the prepaid family package offers.  Combo deals are great for families who need to contact each other every day.  Not only can you get a discounted rate for calls and texts, you may also be able to enjoy more airtime usage.

Be aware of your carrier’s restrictions. When acquiring a prepaid cell phone, reading the fine print is just as important.  You want to make sure that you know the exact rules of your carrier particularly when it comes to the expiration of your available credit.  Unused credit is certainly a waste of money.  When reloading credit, be conscious about the amount of your cell phone balance and the date that it will expire.  If you don’t need to make long conversations, then buy the smallest denomination of credit available.

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Avoid the penalties. Prepaid phones often need to be reloaded on a regular basis.  Not purchasing any credit for a month or two can cause your account to be automatically deactivated.  As a penalty, your prepaid carrier may require you to pay a fee in order to reactivate your prepaid account.  Such fees can be avoided by being aware of the terms in your contract.

Take advantage of the free calls. Sometimes, calls made to the same network are not charged at all.  You can make the most out of this privilege by picking a network that many of your relatives or friends are already using.

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