Prepaid Phone Card Tips for Consumers

Are you a prepaid phone user?  Whether you are presently using a prepaid cell phone or you plan to make a switch from post paid to a prepaid plan, below are some practical tips on how you can save your budget:

Get a prepaid plan that’s right for you. There are different types of prepaid phone plans depending on the service provider.  To get the most savings, you need to choose a plan that best complements your lifestyle and needs.

If you are still in the process of searching for a prepaid phone, check out cell phone review websites.  These sites have online comparison tools that allow you to see what each plan offers side-by-side.  Carefully consider your priorities when doing comparison.

Do not overload. Prepaid call cards come in various denominations from $10, $20 to $100 and higher.  When buying call cards, remember that these cards have expiration period when they have been loaded to your account.

Once you load it to your account, all the remaining balance you did not consume will be lost after the expiration date.   Hence, you should never load a very large amount of call card unless you are sure that you can use it down to the last second.

Have an extra call card on hand. Unlike a post paid plan where you can call or text anytime and worry about your bill at the end of the month, a prepaid plan has a disadvantage.  It can be annoying when you find that you have used up all your available balance and you need to make a call or send a text message at that exact moment.

Trying to look for a store that sells prepaid call cards or a reloading station can be a hassle.  Even worse, you may not find a place to reload your cell phone right away.  To avoid being in this situation, it is advisable that you bring an extra call card with you wherever you go.  This way, you can simply scratch the card and reload the balance to your account to continue using your phone.

Get to know your provider’s terms. Even though it’s prepaid and you are not required to sign any contract, it is still worth the step to get to know your prepaid cell phone service providers terms of service.

Which areas or cities can you expect available coverage?  What types of handsets are compatible with your chosen carrier?  How much does the carrier charge per minute of call or per text message?  What other phone features are provided?  Make sure that you are clear about the types of service you can get before buying your prepaid cell phone package.

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