Facts about Secured Credit Cards

These days, almost every type of transaction requires the use of credit card- hotel and airline bookings done online are just some examples. Indeed, it can be difficult on the part of those who are not eligible to get a regular credit card because of bad credit history.

However, they can apply for a secured credit card in order to fix their credit Before submitting your application, here are some important facts you need to know about this card:


This type of card may involve fees such as processing fees and annual fees. Such charges may also vary from one credit card company to another. You need to check the fees before applying so you can avoid credit cards with very high charges.                                                          


Secured credit cards require a cash deposit which can range from $300- $500. There are secured credit cards with minimum and maximum deposit limits. Some issuers may place your cash deposit in an interest-bearing account. It that’s the case, see to it that you clearly understand the terms of your credit card issuer.

Your credit limit can either be the same as or exceed to the value of your deposit. However, there are instances when your credit limit may be less than your security deposit.

You can add money to your deposit so as to raise your credit line. As an incentive for being able to pay on time, some banks may increase your credit limit after a few months of consistent payment. The cash deposit will be used by the credit card issuer in case the cardholder fails to pay off charges on time.


For those who want to apply for a secured credit card, the requirements may vary from one company to another. Aside from the security deposit, some credit card companies may impose specific qualifications on age or income bracket.

Payment Reports to the Credit Bureaus:

There are times when the card company does not report your payments to the three major credit bureaus and in such case, it does not help rebuild your credit rating. If you wish to rebuild your credit history, your payments should be reported to the credit bureaus.

Unsecured credit cards have lower fees, fewer restrictions and lower interest rates. Now, if you want to upgrade your secured credit cards to an unsecured credit card, it can be possible after a year of consistent payments.

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