Secured Credit Cards: Repairing Bad Credit

A credit score is used to measure a person’s credit worthiness. Whether you are planning to get new lines of credit, apply for a job, rent an apartment or office space, etc., your credit score plays an important role. That is the reason why people aim to have a good to excellent credit rating.

However, there are circumstances that may lead us to bad credit. It is not always because a person has an over-spending habit. Sometimes bad credit is a result of an unexpected events such as illness, divorce, lost of job, etc. Whatever the reason is, there is still a chance to repair a bad credit history.

Secured Credit Cards

Some people may think that getting a new credit card to recover from bad credit is a wrong move. Yet, if done the right way, it can actually be an effective step to rebuild bad credit.

Credit cards for people with bad credit? Yes, this is possible. Many credit card companies are offering bad credit credit cards or secured credit cards.

A secured credit cards are just like a traditional credit card in the sense that you can use it for making purchases or paying bills. However, you must deposit a sum of money which acts as security for your debts. If you cannot pay on time, the bank will use your cash deposit to pay off your debts. The amount you deposited will act as your credit limit as well.

How Secured Credit Cards Increase Your Credit Score

Most secured credit cards offer credit reporting to the three (3) major credit bureaus. Paying on time and avoiding exceeding your credit limit will surely improve your credit rating. Be sure to understand how you are being scored so you can work on the improvement of your personal credit history.

How to Apply for a Secured Credit Cards

The easiest way to look and apply for a credit card for bad credit is to search the internet. Most credit card companies offer online applications making the application processes faster and easier.

Disadvantages of Secured Credit Cards

Due to the high risk involved, most credit cards for bad credit come with higher fees and interest rates. There are credit card companies that charge application fees, processing fees and annual fees.

Is it worth getting a secured credit card if you have bad credit? Yes, it is. Despite having to pay higher fees and interest rates plus submitting a deposit, secured credit cards can really help you repair your credit history.

With regards to higher fees and interest rates, you just need to shop around for choices and compare your possible options before choosing the best deal. Remember to always make payments on time to avoid penalties and incurring negative remarks on your credit report.

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