Reasons for Getting Credit Cards for No Credit History

A lot of people today understand the important reasons behind securing their own credit cards. Because of the well-acknowledged significance of these plastic cards in today’s transactions, a lot of people do not just get one or two credit cards; sometimes people own up to four cards!

Still a lot of people are hesitant to use credit cards. If you belong to this set of people, who do not have credit history, allow us to provide reasons why you need to secure your own credit card for no credit history, otherwise known as secured credit cards.

Reason 1: Transactional Requirements

We cannot deny the fact that a lot of shops and business establishments today require people to use credit cards. Airlines, car rental services, hotels and even online shops transact with their customers using credit cards.

These business establishments require their customers to provide their credit card numbers, despite the fact that these customers are very much capable of paying for their reservations and purchases in cash. So, in order for you to enjoy the services and products of these commercial shops, you need to have your own secured credit card.

Actually it is relatively easy to get credit cards for no credit history or secured credit cards. An applicant just needs to open an account, deposit a minimum of $300 to that account, process the necessary documents for an application for secured cards, pay the processing and administrative fees, and soon he or she could enjoy the benefits of using his or her own credit card.

Reason 2: Need to Build Credit History.

Of course, it is not safe to assume that you wouldn’t need credit in the very near future. Domestic emergencies and other immediate needs may soon require you to request for credit lines from lending firms and banks. But if you do not have any credit history, most of these firms will shy away from extending you credit.

So you might as well get a secured credit card today, make purchases, and ensure that you pay off each monthly charge. This will help you establish your credibility as a debtor with excellent credit ratings, and eventually you will find banks and lending firms eager to extend you credit.

Of course these are but two of the reasons why you need to apply immediately for secured credit cards. But we hope that through the reasons enumerated above, you now realize the importance of securing your very own credit card.

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