Prepaid Cell Phone Services – Which Plan Can Save You Money?

In response to the economic slump, prepaid cell phone plans are indeed increasingly becoming popular among consumers worldwide.  If you’re someone who spends less than 300 minutes of cell phone calls in a month, then you can save your budget by switching to a prepaid plan.  Yes, you can cut back your costs to only $25 per month as opposed to paying $60 a month on a post paid cell phone service.

Once you have decided to go with a prepaid cell phone service, the more important question is, which plan can save you more money?  Below are some tips on how you can save extra dollars more by choosing the right prepaid cell phone deal:

Compare online.
The best way to compare different prepaid cell phone services is through the internet.  Check out cell phone comparison websites which presents the rates, fees and services of various cell phone services available in the market. These websites even provide reviews from other consumers or prepaid cell phone users so you can get a better idea as to which carrier offers the best deal.

Skip unnecessary features. Take note that prepaid phone plans usually do not include extra phone features such as call waiting, call forwarding, and voice mails.  If you really need to use these options, make sure that you understand how much your chosen carrier charges for each service.  However, if you do not need to use these additional functions, then you might as well save your money and use it on more important expenses.

Pay only for the minutes you used.
Prepaid phone call cards can be bought in different denominations ranging from $10 to as much as $100 and up.  You have to be aware of the exact duration of your balance once you have loaded it into your account.  Bear in mind that lower call card denominations may have shorter expiration period as well.  If you’re going to purchase $50 of load that lasts only for 30 days, make sure that you will be able to consume your load down to the last minute.

Take advantage of free minutes and texts.
To keep up with the tough competition, prepaid cell phone service companies come up with different promotions to attract more customers.  Surely, there is not one package that will give you both unlimited calls and texts at a cheap price so you need to consider your priorities.

For instance, if you seldom make calls and use your cell phone mainly for text messaging, perhaps you may look for a package that offers unlimited text messages but less call time at a cheaper price.   On the other hand, if you prefer calls over SMS, then you may pick out a plan that offers free call minutes but less text messages at a low price.  By carefully examining your options, you will able to choose the best package that complements your needs.

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