How to Evaluate the Right Prepaid Cell Phone Service Provider

Choosing the right prepaid cell phone service company can be confusing, with so many different services available in the market. This article presents a guide on how to evaluate prepaid phone services more easily.

Cell phone compatibility.
It is important to understand that not all wireless phone units can be used with a prepaid service. Compared to post paid cell phone packages, your choices of units or handsets may be limited to only a few models. Hence, if you already have a phone or if you have a preference for a particular handset, you’ll want to check it will be compatible with a prepaid cell phone plan.

Coverage. One essential factor that you want to check on is the coverage. Prepaid cell phone service providers may offer coverage to only a limited number of States or regions. If you need to make a lot of calls to a friend or a family member who lives outside your State, make sure that your chosen carrier provides coverage in that area.

Cost per call. Prepaid phone packages are usually pre-loaded with call times and text messages so you can use them the moment you make the purchase. Nevertheless, once you have consumed your available load, you’ll need to reload your account to continue enjoying the service. Check the cost per minute of calls as different carriers do charge varying rates.

Extra Features. Certain wireless phone features that are readily available in a post paid service may not be included in your prepaid phone plan. Examples of extra features are call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, call conferencing, voice mail, wireless phone internet, and others. If you want to enjoy these services, you may need to request for each from your prepaid cell phone service provider and pay for each feature separately as well.

Load Expiration. Check the duration period of your prepaid phone balance as soon as you load it into your account. Prepaid call cards are available in various denominations such as $10, $20, $30, $50 and up. However, lower denominations will often have a shorter expiration period. Once expired, you will have to reload your account whether or not you have consumed all your available balance.

Your lifestyle. When evaluating prepaid phone plans, you need to carefully consider your own lifestyle and needs. Ask yourself, how often do you need to make calls in a month or in a week? How long do you usually spend on each call? How often do you use text messaging system?

If you need to make calls for more 200 minutes in a month, perhaps you may consider subscribing to a post paid plan instead. On the other hand, if you generally use your wireless phone for sending text messages and occasional calls, then a prepaid plan is a practical option, indeed.

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