Giving a Prepaid Card for the Holidays

Trying to decide what gift to give for a friend or a love one?  Some people simply do not know the exact thing to give someone that will surely make them smile.  Do you feel the same way too?  Are you having the same dilemma this holiday?  If yes, why not consider giving a prepaid credit card or gift card this year?

Giving someone a prepaid credit card for a gift is a great way to show your generosity.  The recipient will also have the chance to use the card to buy the exact present he/she wants.  However, there are some things you need to remember before choosing a prepaid credit card.

Not all prepaid cards are the same.  Some prepaid credit cards are reloadable and some are linked to a debit account.  There are also gift cards that are not reloadable and can only be used until the balance runs out.  Which type of prepaid card do you want to give as gift? If you plan to give it to a teen or a college student, consider carefully if this person is ready to manage a reloadable credit card.

Check the fees of the prepaid card. Some prepaid credit cards are known to carry very expensive fees so you need to evaluate and compare your options.  Examples of these fees are set-up fee, activation fee, inactivity fee, monthly fee, per transaction fee, and more.  Choose a card with a minimal set of fees especially if you plan to get a reloadable prepaid card.

Check the expiration date.  The load on a prepaid gift car can expire so it’s important to check this particular detail and inform the recipient about it.  Remind the recipient of your gift to use the prepaid card before the load expires.

Buy a gift card pack.  If you plan to give gift cards or prepaid cards to a couple of people, look for bundles or combo packs.  These packages may offer gift cards or prepaid credit cards in smaller denominations.  Even better, you can buy multiple cards at once and enjoy a discount.

Inspect the card.  Make sure that the gift card has not been tampered with.  It’s best to choose a gift card that is not displayed on a shop.  Some scammers jot down the numbers found on the back of gift cards displayed from a retail shop and waits until someone purchases the card and activates it.  These scammers manage to spend the amount on the gift card using the numbers they have stolen.

Find out where the card can be used.  If the person loves books, then perhaps you can buy a prepaid gift card from a bookshop.  Think about the person to whom you want to give the gift card to and consider the possible shops where he/she might prefer shop from.

Buy from a reliable source.  Be cautious when purchasing gift cards, store cards and prepaid credit cards from the internet.  Some merchants that offer prepaid cards online may sell counterfeit credit cards.  Purchase only from a reputable source.

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