Pointers on Using a Prepaid Gift Card

Many consumers today use re-loadable prepaid cards as gift items. Since a lot of people today rely on online shopping, they can effectively use their prepaid gift cards to sign up for important products they want to buy online. Through prepaid cards, individuals can have sufficient purchasing power to buy newly-released books, electronic gadgets, and other special merchandises offered over the Internet.

Still, consumers who depend on prepaid cards need to be very careful as they use their cards in making online purchases. This way they can avoid succumbing to prevalent schemes and fraudulent activities used by scam artists to rip off re-loadable prepaid cardholders. Not only that. They can also significantly reduce the payments they have to make on fees and charges should they be very careful in using prepaid credit or debit cards. So what are some tips that consumers can employ for them to use their prepaid gift cards responsibly? We have listed five of them below.

Five Pointers on Using Prepaid Gift Cards
1.Watch out for common prepaid gift card scams. A lot of prepaid cards are well exposed in display stands in malls and department stores. And this makes it easy for scam artists to perform fraudulent activities. By using the details and the expiration dates on the cards they have seen, these individuals can eventually claim the cards their own and run large balances on  them. This will surely leave the real owners of the prepaid gift cards devoid of the substantial amount of money that they have loaded on their respective cards.

So, to avoid the scenario described above, you must resolve to purchase prepaid gift cards only from vendors that keep their cards behind the counter and out of sight of scam and con artists. This way, you can effectively protect yourself from losing the money you will be loading onto your prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card.

2.Be careful when buying online. Make sure that you buy items and merchandises only from reliable and legitimate online stores. This way, you can have the assurance that the company, shop or store you will be dealing with will handle your re-loadable prepaid card information with utmost confidentiality.

3.Load a substantial amount on your card. If you are going to use a prepaid credit card or a prepaid debit card, make sure that you load $100 to $200 at a time. Avoid loading small amounts of money on your card as this will only increase the payments you have to make on re-loading charges in the long run.

4.Keep track of your balance. Always monitor the expenses you have charged on your card as well as the balance that remains on it. You can do so by making regular calls to your card issuer or by checking your account online. This way, you can avoid paying additional charges on declined transaction penalties.

5.Protect your gift card. Remember that your prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card contains a substantial amount of money. So treat it like cash and keep it protected. Never let it out of your sight especially when you pay for purchases and bills.

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