Discovering the Pros and Cons of Using a Prepaid Credit Card

A prepaid credit card is a great alternative to using cash for payment. Pre paid prepaid cards are used exactly the same way as regular credits cards. But in terms of practicality, these cards do have some advantages.
For one, a prepaid credit card helps the cardholder stay out of bad debt. Let’s discuss other advantages of using prepaid cards as well as the disadvantages that you should consider.

The pros of using a pre paid credit cards:

• Using this kind of card enables you to make purchases without cash. However, it reduces the risk of overspending because the limit depends on the amount of money deposited in the account.

• This card can be used worldwide so if you are a frequent traveler, a prepaid card is safer to carry than cash.

• There is no need to pay credit card bills.

• The procedure for the prepaid debit card application is not as complicated as when applying for a credit card.

• There are no interest fees involved.

• Prepaid cards are can be recommended for those with bad credit history. It can be used to improve a poor credit score.

• Unlike a credit card in which you can swipe now and pay later, you can only use your prepaid debit card after making a deposit in your account. Thus, it helps the cardholder exercise control over his/her spending.

The cons of using a pre paid credit cards:

• You cannot use your pre paid credit cards for payments unless you have existing funds in your account.

• The setup fee for this kind of card can be quite costly.

• There are fees involved for each transaction. Each time you use your prepaid card for payment, you are charged with an additional fee for processing the payment.

• Some prepaid card companies charge certain that can increase over time.

• Not all issuers provide credit reporting to the major credit bureaus.

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