How a Prepaid Credit Card Can Be Used to Rebuild Bad Credit

People with bad credit history find it very difficult to apply for a credit card. To get approved for the best card, that you still have to wait until your credit score improves before you can get one.

Having poor credit rating raises doubts to your capacity to pay debts. Naturally, credit card companies are looking for those who can pay off their debts on time and with a great credit history to prove it.

Good thing, those who have poor credit rating may apply for prepaid credit cards. There is no background check or credit check conducted upon review of your application. The application procedure is a lot more convenient than applying for a credit card. Issuers of prepaid debit cards does not care about your credit standing. In fact, a prepaid card can be used to rebuild a bad credit. How can that be possible?

Prepaid Debit Cards and Bad Credit

Today, you can have a debit card that does payment reporting to the three major credit bureaus. Thus, as you use your prepaid card for purchases, you are also improving your credit rating.

You can go online and do research on various prepaid credit cards advertised in the market. Compare different debit cards before making a choice. Consider these important pointers:

• go for one that best suits you and your needs
• go for those that report to the major credit bureaus
• go for the one with reasonable fees

Owning a debit card can be a great way to control your spending. Set a specific budget each month and stick with the plan. Before using your debit card, check your available balance and carefully consider whether you really want to spend it for that particular purchase or save it for more important buys.

Unlike credit cards that allow you to shop now and pay later, you can only use your prepaid debit card if there are available funds in your account. This limitation prevents debit cardholders from damaging their credit or getting stuck in bad debt. Also, there is no need to think about over-the-limit charges, over draft fees, late charges, and interest rates.

Yes, you can apply for a debit card to rebuild your credit rating one step at a time. Once you have proved your credit worthiness, that’s the time you can apply for a regular credit card with good rates.

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