Virgin Mobile USA is joining the trend!

Its just been announced that Virgin Mobile USA is joining the growing trend towards offering prepaid services. Like I’ve said many times before…going prepaid doesn’t mean you have credit or financial problems! It means your SMART and want to keep more of your money in your pocket book!

Virgin’s new service is called Broadband2go and it offers broadband internet service at a discount rate. Many prepaid services now offer broadband. So if you are tired of the inflated rates you currently pay through your home broadband service and not only do you want fast internet service, but the ability to take that service you from computer to computer, check out your favorite prepaid services broadband offers.

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Tara Tiemann is a credit analyst for which has been a resource site for people who want to live debt free. If you are on a budget using prepaid debit cards, pre paid credit cards and prepaid cell phone service can save you big money!

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Liz Roberts is the new credit specialist for Go-Prepaid. If you are on a budget, we can get you discounted cell phone service from Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile! NO CREDIT CHECK ! Using a prepaid services can save you a TON of money! Follow our blog to find out how!

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