How to Safely Use Your Debit Card for Online Shopping

If you plan to use your debit card for purchasing online, what important steps should you remember?  Check out the following reminders on how to safely use your debit card for online shopping:

Check the security of the website. Make sure that the website address begins with “https” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), indicating a secured server.  When filling out forms or providing personal details, you should always check the https.

Check the credibility of the merchant. Remember that not all online shops are legitimate.  There are hundreds of merchants that set up fake websites to victimize unsuspecting customers.  Before making a purchase, check the background and reputation of the seller.

Even if the website shows a BBB (Better Business Bureau) logo, it is better to check from the BBB if the merchant is truly registered and that there are no cases of fraud filed against the company.

Check the merchant’s policy. Read the seller’s policy particularly with regards to purchases and returns.  In case your items are shipped in an unsatisfactory condition, you’ll know your options.  Does the seller offer warranty protection?  Will the product be replaced or can you refund your payment if the item is defective?

You must also check the seller’s Privacy Policy as to how they use customer information that they collect to process an order.  Will your information be stored in the company’s database?  Make sure that the seller will not sell your information to other merchants or third parties.

Submit a minimal amount of cash in your debit account. Do not deposit a large amount of money in your debit account.  To be safe, submit only a sufficient amount of cash that you need to make the purchase.

Monitor your debit account. Regularly monitor your debit account especially after your purchase.  Take note that the moment you checked out and paid with your debit card, the bill will be automatically deducted from your account.

In case you are billed incorrectly, notify the merchant immediately.  Debit cardholders only have 2 days to report erroneous or fraudulent charges. If you report within two days, you’ll only be liable to pay $50.  However, if you fail to inform your issuer about unauthorized charges within two days, you will be liable to pay up to $500.  After 60 days, you may be forced to pay the complete charges.

Protect your computer system. Is your computer protected with a reliable antivirus and anti-spyware software?  Don’t forget to check if your antivirus is updated.  Purchasing an antivirus program is definitely a wise and important investment even when you do not make online purchases.

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