How the New Credit Card Law Affects You

Laws are created to protect people as well as their interest. Through laws, policies and even simple rules and regulations, we are able to recognize our rights and privileges. We gain a feeling of security especially because we know that the government looks after our welfare.

One of the best examples of rules created to protect the interest of consumers is the new Credit Card Act. What are the provisions of this federal law? How does it influence the lives of credit consumers? And how does it protect the welfare of credit cardholders? To know the answers to these questions, we encourage you to read the succeeding paragraphs of this short article.

What is the New Credit Card Act?

The New Credit Card Act, more formally known as the New Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility , and Disclosure (CARD) Act was implemented on August 20, 2009. This law gives credit cardholders the special privilege of declining drastic changes that card issuers intend to impose on their credit card programs. Why is this important?

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