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Prepaid Cell Phone Provider Review: Tracfone

If you’re looking for a prepaid cell phone service offering smartphones with unlimited data transfer then Tracfone is not the provider you should choose. However, if you’re looking for a basic feature phone that allows texting and talking with limited web surfing at an affordable price then Tracfone is a good choice for your needs.

Cell Phone Plans

Tracfone plans are purchased as a bundle of minutes. The more minutes you buy, the cheaper the bundle is and the cheaper the minutes become. 
The smallest plan is around $20 for 60 minutes with the more expensive plans being around $200 for 1,500 minutes. In addition, Tracfone also has a Booster than you can buy for around $20 that doubles your minutes when you purchase bundles making your minutes even cheaper.

There are no contracts to sign and commit to and no credit check is required for Tracfone service. There are also no 4G data plans and they only offer basic or ‘feature’ phones with their service. Texting is a good option with a Tracfone plan as they are always at a flat rate of $0.30 per text. While Tracfones may not be a good choice for those who plan to use their phone a lot, it’s a great option for those who just need basic cell phone service on a sporadic basis.

Types Of Phones Offered

Tracfones are feature phones meaning they have basic phone features. They are not smartphones and do not have high-end operating systems like Apple or Android. They do offer some models that allow basic web surfing and all Tracfones are texting capable. But you will not be able to download apps or play graphic intensive games.

Even though their phones are not the high-end smartphones that everyone may be talking about these days, they do have a very good selection of feature phones to choose from. Sliders, touch screen, flip phones, and other models are readily available. Tracfone devices can be purchased for very reasonable prices ranging from $10 to $90 each. Each phone has the patented Tracfone display that shows the service period and your remaining minutes so you can always tell if you’re about to run out of minutes.

Cell Phone Coverage

If you’re in town a lot and don’t do much traveling, Tracfone will not disappoint. Their coverage in urban areas is just a little under average for most cell providers. However, if you are in a rural area, you will be frustrated at the lack of coverage available.

Is Tracfone The Provider For You?

Cell phones are almost a necessity in today’s technological world. If you have bad credit or just don’t want to commit to a cellular service provider plan, then Tracfone could be a viable option for you. But if you want a phone for constant and daily contact with your friends and family, Tracfone will end up being very expensive indeed and not a good choice. In addition, if you’re looking for a feature rich smartphone with web and streaming capabilities, you will need to look elsewhere for service.

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