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Cell Phone Provider Review: MetroPCS

If you are looking for a prepaid mobile phone plan that is affordable yet still provides you access to a 4G network using a smartphone, MetroPCS might be a solid option for you, especially if you live in the American Midwest where MetroPCS coverage is best. MetroPCS is also a good bet for groups who want inexpensive “friends and family” phone plans.


MetroPCS offers you three prepaid mobile phone plans to select from ranging in price from $40 to $60 per month, which is comparable to Virgin Mobile and other larger mobile vendors. The $60 plan provides 4G speeds; however, not all geographic areas in the United States are 4G capable yet, so bear that in mind.

The low-end MetroPCS $40 per month plan lets you talk,
text and use the web up to 500 MB of data. If you exceed 500 MB, you can purchase an additional 500 MB of data for only $5 more, which is a reasonable deal. There are no “pay as you go” options, however, so you will pay the flat monthly rate regardless of whether you use all of your 500 MB or not–your cost will not be prorated.

As with other prepaid plans, there are no contracts and there are no credit checks, so you don’t need pre-approval to use MetroPCS, and you can use any phone you want, even an older model purchased under a different plan (although MetroPCS will charge you $10 for a new SIM card.)

All MetroPCS accounts come with standard features like voice mail, 3-way calling, visual voice mail and directory assistance. For an additional $5 per month, you can add the MetroPCS value bundle, which includes features like international texting and call forwarding. Do you want to create your own custom “friends and family” plan? Add new lines for only $5 each per month.

MetroPCS users report that its customer service website is easy to use, but you only have one way to reach customer service representatives to ask questions or receive troubleshooting help: the phone. This is a drawback if the phone you bought from MetroPCS malfunctions.


Although MetroPCS offers you a limited variety of phones to purchase, there are several smartphone options available, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Optimus L9, Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Nokia Lumia. Remember, you can even supply your own phone to use with MetroPCS, but just in case, contact MetroPCS first to verify compatibility.

MetroPCS will let you make your phone into a mobile Hotspot for an additional $10 per month, a nice feature for small business owners, students or Internet addicts with multiple devices.


If you live in the American Midwest, you will see that MetroPCS offers you substantial coverage. If you live in the American West or in the mountainous regions of the American East, however, MetroPCS coverage is limited, so you might want to try a different service that handles mountains better.


MetroPCS is a cost effective deal for users in the Midwest and groups that need a cheap way to craft their own “friends and family” plans.

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