Prepaid Debit Card Articles

Travel Tips for Prepaid Cardholders This Holiday Season

So you’re planning to travel this holiday season! Why not! The holidays are often the best times to go sightseeing abroad, go back to your hometown to attend family reunions, or go on a cruise. Have you made the necessary plans to ensure that your trip will be most-enjoyable and worry-free? Do you plan to use cash, check or a ...

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Tips On Using A Prepaid Debit Card for A Holiday Vacation

Prepaid credit cards or prepaid debit cards are great alternatives to regular credit cards.  A prepaid card can be used for payment much like a standard credit card.  In addition, most prepaid cards are widely accepted by merchants anywhere in the world, particularly cards that bear the Visa or MasterCard logo. Many travelers prefer to use prepaid debit cards so ...

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Is A Prepaid Credit Card Best for Holiday Spending?

Now that the holiday day season nears, many consumers are gearing up for spending. While many people own a credit card or a number of credit cards, some might prefer to use a prepaid card instead. Is a prepaid credit card or debit card best for holiday spending? First, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages prepaid credit cards offer. Prepaid ...

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