Prepaid Debit Card Articles

Prepaid Credit Card and Gift Card Tips for the Holidays

It’s the holidays once again and many people are either using cash or credit to pay for their holiday expenses. Some shoppers are using prepaid credit cards to buy gifts, decorations and groceries. There is also a new way of gift-giving: sending gift cards to friends and loved ones in place of traditional gifts. On this post, we present practical ...

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Prepaid Credit Card As A Substitute For Credit Card

Prepaid credit cards or debit cards are enjoying huge popularity these days. Most people see these cards as better substitutes to credit cards primarily because the application process is simple and quick. Those who cannot get approved for a credit card because of a low score or a bad credit history can easily obtain a prepaid card any time. Have ...

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Teach Your Teenager to Manage Debt By Setting Limits

Many parents would like to train their teenagers on correct debt management. However, some parents might be hesitant to provide teens with their own credit lines, for fear that it will lead to bad credit. In this article, let’s discuss how parents can teach teens on how to handle debt responsibly by setting credit limits. No Credit Line Prepaid Debit ...

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