Prepaid Debit Card Articles

Prepaid Credit Card Tips for Smart Consumers

Anyone can easily get a prepaid credit card at any time and this convenience is one of the reasons why prepaid cards are so popular these days.  Are you thinking about acquiring a prepaid credit or debit card too?  If so, consider these tips: Consider a regular credit card.  If you can qualify for a standard credit card, consider this ...

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Load Your Prepaid Card through Direct Deposit

Prepaid credit cards or prepaid debit cards are growing in popularity in the market.  Many people who cannot qualify for a regular credit card because of bad credit or lack of credit history can easily go prepaid.  Many merchants who accept credit card payment also recognize prepaid credit cards. Like any regular credit card, prepaid cards can be used to ...

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How to Avoid Expensive Prepaid Card Fees


Today, an increasing number of consumers are starting to use  prepaid credit cards.  In the past, debit cards were used by people who couldn’t get approved for a regular credit card, but wanted the convenience of paying with a card with the Visa or Mastercard logo on it. When it comes to payment, prepaid cards offer the same convenience as ...

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Can You Build Credit History with A Prepaid Card?

In the past, prepaid credit cards or prepaid debit cards cannot be used as tools for rebuilding credit history. This is because issuers of prepaid cards do not report account activities to the credit bureaus. In order to build credit history and credit score, account activities must be reported to the three major credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, TransUnion. ...

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Giving a Prepaid Card for the Holidays

Trying to decide what gift to give for a friend or a love one?  Some people simply do not know the exact thing to give someone that will surely make them smile.  Do you feel the same way too?  Are you having the same dilemma this holiday?  If yes, why not consider giving a prepaid credit card or gift card ...

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