Save Your Money Transfer Costs with Prepaid Debit Cards

If you have tried making a money transfer using a traditional Wire Money Transfer Service, then you will agree that the process can be very inconvenient, time-consuming and costly.  Thanks to the introduction of the Prepaid Debit Cards in the market, money transfers have become a virtually effortless process.  Furthermore, sending money through prepaid cards are free from any service charge so you can imagine how much savings you can enjoy if you’re someone who uses money transfer services regularly.

Money Transfers and Prepaid Debit Cards – Perfect Partners

Anyone can easily get a prepaid debit card whether he/she has a credit history or not.  Even people who suffer from a history of bad credit can get one without difficulty.  To be able to use the money transfer feature, both the sender and the recipient must have a prepaid debit card.

If you need to send money, all you have to do is make a deposit to your prepaid debit account and transfer it to the recipient’s debit account.  If you already have existing funds in your account, sending money is as easy as logging in to your online debit account.

Once the transfer has been done, the recipient can instantly make a withdrawal from an ATM nearest to his/her location.  The recipient can also choose not to withdraw the funds and use the prepaid debit card for payments.

Who Can Use Prepaid Cards for Money Sending

Prepaid debit cards are ideal for people who often need to make money transfers on a regular basis.  For instance, parents who have college kids in boarding schools can use prepaid cards for sending their monthly allowance.  If you are working abroad, you can also use a prepaid debit card for sending money to your loved ones.

The great thing about prepaid cards is that they are supported by major credit card Networks like VISA, MasterCard and American Express so you can be assured that the card can be accepted in a wide range of merchants and establishments worldwide.

Small business owners who need to send salary payments to their employees can greatly benefit from prepaid debit cards because it’s a more convenient way to make money transfers and it is free as well.

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