Prepaid Phone Dilemma – To buy or not to buy?

A lot of people find it hard to decide whether they would buy prepaid phone plans or not. The dilemma usually lies on the difficulty of weighing out the pros and cons of using wireless prepaid phone services.

Actually the issue of whether or not to purchase prepaid phones is caused by the misconception and wrong information that people obtain about prepaid phones. So to finally correct these misconceptions, allow us to present the real benefits and disadvantages of buying and using prepaid cell phone service.

The Advantages of Prepaid Phones

Prepaid plans work best for teen agers. Through a wireless prepaid phone service, parents can easily control and manage the cell phone activities of their teenage children. Through a prepaid plan, parents can help their children understand the value of living – and in this case calling and texting – within their means.

Should they go overboard, these youngsters will be left with a mobile phone that will merely serve as a paperweight until new minutes could be loaded to it. Yes, prepaid services will teach your kids the value of responsibly managing not just their finances but also the minutes in their phones.

A prepaid cell phone service does not require providers to evaluate your credit report. Since your consumption of the minutes is limited, prepaid phone providers need not worry about the risk of offering this prepaid plan to as many people as they can. This means that everyone can enjoy the use of prepaid plans in their phones.

The Drawbacks in using Prepaid Phones

Now let us discuss the cons or disadvantages of prepaid phones. A lot of people usually complain about the high call rates charged on most prepaid phone cards. If we will look closely, most of the prepaid plans for cell phones charge higher costs per minute of call than post paid plans. Hence, a prepaid phone user needs to be conscious about the calls he/she makes.

Also, prepaid plans usually have expiration dates. To enjoy the continuous services of your prepaid plan, you have to re-load minutes to your phone. This will be a major drawback if you use your phone for web surfing, because your surfing will be interrupted once your prepaid minutes run out.

Lastly, some providers of wireless prepaid phone services deactivate not just your phone but even your phone number if you fail to reload immediately. This will require you to re-do the whole application process just so you could get a new phone number.

Now that you know the real pros and cons of using prepaid phones, we hope that you can analyze and finally decide whether or not to purchase a prepaid phone plan.

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