Can Debit Cards Get You Into Debt?

Some people are hesitant to use prepaid credit cards, afraid that the costs DrowinginDebtof these cards will only lead them futher into debt. However, prepaid debit cards can actually be great alternatives to regular credit cards. In fact, prepaid debit cards are credit cards which can be used for establishing credit history and for repairing bad credit.

Prepaid cards can be used as payment almost anywhere regular credit cards are accepted. These special cards can also be used to shop online or to make reservations from the internet. If you are going to travel overseas and do not want to bring a large amount of cash, you can bring a prepaid debit card instead to pay for your bills and do some shopping.

Contrary to what others may think, prepaid credit cards can be tools to help you keep track of your spending. Unlike traditional credit cards, prepaid cardholders are not provided with credit lines so they do not have the option to make purchases in advance and pay back later. Since purchases are not charged to their credit, they don’t need to worry about incurring interest rate charges if they fail to pay back within the grace period.

Prepaid cardholders can only spend the money they have in their account. Once they run out of funds, they must make a new deposit or reload before they can use the prepaid card for new transactions. For people who are having a hard time keeping their credit card use in control, using a prepaid debit card can help them to limit their spending.
For instance, you can set a specific amount that you can deposit to your debit card and spend in a month. If you placed $300 in your account, you can easily plan the purchases you can charge to your debit card. Once you have spent your $300, you will not be able to charge unplanned purchases to your debit card, until you reload your account.

What’s great about prepaid debit cards today is that you can find ones that report your activities to the three major credit bureaus. This means, prepaid debit cards can now be considered as credit cards for bad credit because they can be used to improve a low credit score. For students who would like establish an early credit history, a prepaid debit card is an option.

To avoid bad debt, choose a debit card with a minimal set of fees. It is true that there are prepaid credit cards in the market that impose excessive fees so you end up paying more on maintenance costs alone. However, by doing research and comparison, you should be able to find a prepaid debit card with reasonable fees and charges.

Before using your prepaid debit card, check your balance first to make sure that you have enough funds to pay for your purchase. Take note that if you have insufficient balance, the transaction may still go through but you might be charged with an overdraft fee. Avoid paying penalties by reading the Terms and Conditions of your prepaid card.

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