Prepaid Cards – A sign of being debt conscience

Today I was getting a rental car for my nephew and I pulled out my prepaid debit card out of habit.  The guy at the counter informed me they charge a bit extra for debit cards do I have a regular credit card.  I was a bit surprised but as I took the card back he said “Yeah doesn’t it suck having bad credit ?”  I can only use a debit card too.


I then had to inform him that I have excellent credit and CHOOSE to use my credit card for emergencies only. I told him that using a prepaid credit helps me to stay on budget and I don’t make impulse purchases the way I used to.

That’s when the lady behind us chimed in, that she had recently read an article in the newspaper on how people were starting to use prepaid debit cards instead of regular credit cards.  Using a debit card doesn’t mean bad credit anymore, its becoming the  card choice of debt conscience people!

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Tara Tiemann is a credit analyst for which has been a resource site for people who want to live debt free. If you are on a budget using prepaid debit cards, pre paid credit cards and prepaid cell phone service can save you big money!

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Liz Roberts is the new credit specialist for Go-Prepaid. If you are on a budget, we can get you discounted cell phone service from Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile! NO CREDIT CHECK ! Using a prepaid services can save you a TON of money! Follow our blog to find out how!

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