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Prepaid Credit Card As A Substitute For Credit Card

Prepaid credit cards or debit cards are enjoying huge popularity these days. Most people see these cards as better substitutes to credit cards primarily because the application process is simple and quick. Those who cannot get approved for a credit card because of a low score or a bad credit history can easily obtain a prepaid card any time. Have ...

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Choosing the Right Secured Credit Card

Secured credit cards are wonderful alternatives for those who cannot qualify for a regular credit card. Perhaps, your desired credit card is only offered for people with good or excellent credit. Or maybe you have yet to establish and build your personal credit history. Whatever the case maybe, a secured credit card can be your tool for building or rebuilding ...

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Prepaid Credit Card – Its advantages for Travel

Are you frequently on a trip overseas? Whether you travel for business or pleasure, a prepaid credit card can be your best partner. What are the advantages of prepaid credit cards over regular credit cards, check and cash? Consider these: No foreign exchange rate fees. Foreign exchange rate or currency conversion fees can be expensive. Most credit cards charge anywhere ...

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How to Differentiate A Secured Credit Card from A Prepaid Card

A lot of credit consumers find it difficult to distinguish a secured credit card from the very popular prepaid card accounts offered by a majority of credit card issuers these days. After all, these two card programs possess similar features that make it hard to differentiate one from the other. So, we have decided to discuss with our readers today ...

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