Here are articles that my sister and I have written. Ok…a few friends may contribute from time to time! We hope you find them useful in transitioning into a debt free lifestyle! Please keep in mind that by using prepaid services, you are not accumulating more debt!

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Tips on Getting Your First Credit Card in 2012

Are you planning to apply for your first credit card in 2012?  If yes, what are your possible choices?  Which credit card is best for you and how can you use it for your benefit?  Consider these tips: Credit Card Options for First Timers Secured Credit Card.  Anyone can acquire a secured credit card because approval is not based on ...

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Giving a Prepaid Card for the Holidays

Trying to decide what gift to give for a friend or a love one?  Some people simply do not know the exact thing to give someone that will surely make them smile.  Do you feel the same way too?  Are you having the same dilemma this holiday?  If yes, why not consider giving a prepaid credit card or gift card ...

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