Here are articles that my sister and I have written. Ok…a few friends may contribute from time to time! We hope you find them useful in transitioning into a debt free lifestyle! Please keep in mind that by using prepaid services, you are not accumulating more debt!

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Las Vegas jumps on the prepaid credit card bandwagon

Pre paid credit cards are becoming more and more popular. Over the weekend Channel 13 Las Vegas aired a news piece on how people are starting to use prepaid credit cards to stay on budget. To read how Amanda is using a prepaid credit card to save $150 a month click here Channel 13 piece on how a consumers are ...

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New Secured Credit Card Offer

Is the economy turning around? Is the credit crunch over? Last December we saw at least 40 credit cards stop accepting applications. After a 4 month dry spell we are starting to see new credit cards out on the market. The first new credit card that I’ve seen since Dec 08 is the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card . This secured ...

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Why choose a prepaid service?

Some people automatically assume that anyone using a prepaid service is doing so because they have bad credit. Lets face it, a lot of times that true, but not always! Sponsored by: Prepaid services are great for anyone who is: serious about staying on a budget – with prepaid services you know EXACTLY how much you can spend or how ...

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