Here are articles that my sister and I have written. Ok…a few friends may contribute from time to time! We hope you find them useful in transitioning into a debt free lifestyle! Please keep in mind that by using prepaid services, you are not accumulating more debt!

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Motorola Hint QA30

Cricket is doing a big promotion on the new Motorola Hint QA30 . This slider phone boasts a full QWERTY keyboard that drops down below a vibrant and large color screen Full QWERTY keyboard 2.0 MP camera Music Player Video capture, playback and streaming video NEW! Motorola Hint QA30 now only $229.99 at Cricket after $20 instant savings! First month ...

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Are you in the right cell phone plan?

We are all trying to cut back and stretch each dollar a little further. One easy way you can do this is to analyze your current cell phone plan. When my sister first purchased her phone she was very mobile, always out. I often told her to get rid of her home phone since she was rarely there. Then her ...

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Tracfone brings free prepaid wireless to Ohio

TracFone has now started to bring free prepaid service to low income families in Ohio by utilizing a federal subsidy program. The catch is that only the first 68 mins each month is free, after that is 20 cents a min. So if you are someone who just wants cell phone for emergencies, this might be the program for you! ...

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What Is Right For You, Debit Cards or Credit Cards?

If you were to choose between a debit card and a credit card, which one would you pick? Perhaps you may think that a credit card is always the better choice. However, debit cards can have advantages as well. In this article, let’s talk about the basic differences of debit cards and credit cards so you can better decide which ...

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Free Prepaid wireless service for North Carolina Residents

Residents of the state of North Carolina are eligible for free prepaid cell phone service thru a little know government sponsored program called Lifeline. is the first prepaid cell phone provider to open a program to meet the needs of those who are eligible for this program.’s program is called Safelink, under this program if you are at ...

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