Here are articles that my sister and I have written. Ok…a few friends may contribute from time to time! We hope you find them useful in transitioning into a debt free lifestyle! Please keep in mind that by using prepaid services, you are not accumulating more debt!

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Safety Tips on Using Prepaid Debit Cards Online

As debit cards become more popular among consumers, the Federal Trade Commission warns all prepaid cardholders to exercise caution when using these cards for payment, particularly when purchasing from the internet.  How can you avoid being a victim of credit card fraud?  Check out the following safety tips: Https://. To ensure the security of a web site, make sure that ...

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Points to Ponder on Prepaid Cell Phone Services

Many consumers today prefer to go prepaid rather than subscribe with a post paid cell phone plan. If you are planning to get a prepaid cellular phone, what are the factors that you must consider before choosing a prepaid cell phone service provider? Cost per call. When you buy a prepaid phone kit, it is often pre-loaded with minutes of ...

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Choosing the Right Prepaid Cell Phone Unit

With all the many choices of mobile phones in the market, making a choice can prove to be a tough task. Of course, you need to consider your personal needs and lifestyle in comparing different phone units. Below are some suggestions on how you can find the right wireless prepaid cell phone for you: Portability. The size, weight and overall ...

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Should I Switch to a Prepaid Cell Phone Service?

Prepaid cell phone services are becoming more popular these.  People who do not want to commit to a long term contract and those who cannot qualify for a post paid phone service because of bad credit turn to prepaid plans. Are you planning to get a prepaid phone too?  Or are presently subscribed to a post paid plan yet considering ...

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