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Prepaid Debit Card Penalty And Fees to Watch Out For


One great attraction about prepaid debit cards is that you don’t have to worry about interest rates. Since you are not given a credit line and you pay for your bills using the available cash you deposited, you will not incur additional APR costs. Nevertheless, owners of debit cards must be cautious about the possible penalty and fees associated with ...

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Cell Phone Provider Review: MetroPCS

MetroPCS Free Phone Offer

If you are looking for a prepaid mobile phone plan that is affordable yet still provides you access to a 4G network using a smartphone, MetroPCS might be a solid option for you, especially if you live in the American Midwest where MetroPCS coverage is best. MetroPCS is also a good bet for groups who want inexpensive “friends and family” ...

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Prepaid Cell Phone Provider Review: Tracfone

If you’re looking for a prepaid cell phone service offering smartphones with unlimited data transfer then Tracfone is not the provider you should choose. However, if you’re looking for a basic feature phone that allows texting and talking with limited web surfing at an affordable price then Tracfone is a good choice for your needs.

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Which Prepaid Debit Card Is Best?

There are a lot of different types of prepaid debit cards on the market.   Some prepaid cards are even endorsed by popular celebrities. If you’re planning to get your own prepaid card, being confronted with so many choices can prove to be a tough challenge. So which one should you pick? Consider these tips: Know why you want / need ...

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Tips on How to Use Secured Credit Cards Wisely

One of the best cards you can get to build or rebuild bad credit is a secured credit card. By managing this card properly, you can have the chance to regain your credit worthiness and build an excellent credit rating. But what is a secured credit card? Why is it is used so often to build or rebuild credit? And ...

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